Where in the world?

Amazing countries, cultures and vistas are ready to experience and enjoy. So many destinations to choose from, so many adventures to participate in and spoilt by choice of so many things to see and do. So where in the world would you like to go?

From the pristine beaches of our shores, there are many lands to explore, notChamps-Elysees-in-December-Arc-de-Triomphe-Paris-France so far away is Asia and its amazing variety of cultures to experience, from the tranquil beaches of Thailand, to the hustle and bustle of China’s every growing cities. Or visit the magical wonders of the world such as the ancient temples of Angkor Wat or the romantic and exquisite Taj Mahal, visit monasteries in Tibet or Bhutan. Or travel further afield to Iguazu falls, Niagara falls, cruise the Amazon, the list is never ending its up to you and your imagination.

For the adventurous, explore the winter wonderlands of Canada, Alaska, see the northern lights in Scandinavia or the glaciers of Patagonia in South America or for the true explorers journey to Antarctica. Trek to the Himalayas or climb Machu Pichu, the list is never ending of wonderful opportunities to explore. On the flip side Africa is a continent of diversity and experiences that will leave you breathless, see the big 5 at the game parks, or the Gorillas in Rwanda and experience the unique cities and culture.machu-picchu-late-afternoon

Or for romance, food and culture perhaps a summer vacation in Europe, wandering the beautiful boulevards or cobble stoned streets of Prague or Sienna, strolling along the Champs Elysess in Paris, the Cinque Terra in Italy or exploring the infinite museums and places of historic intrigue across Europe. All the while feasting on the magnificent cuisine that is on offer, through out the cities and the beautiful countryside.

Cruising is yet another way to explore the vastness of our seas or rivers and experience a whole new world. Visit small townships or bustling ports, viewing cities as you cruise into some of the worlds most captivating harbours.

There are so many reasons to travel the list is enormous, so whether its a break from the busy work schedule for a relaxing holiday, a family vacation, honeymoon, anniversary or birthday, there a so many reasons to travel and explore.

On the following pages you may find some ideas for your next journey.

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